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Works great. Small enough for travel. Will purchase more in the future

Sydney Chyat
The BEST for traveling!!

I used this for the first time while traveling and I absolutely loved it!! Its so easy to spray this on your face and hop into the shower and have your makeup melt right off. This product made my mascara and eyeliner come off with ease and didn't break me out at all. This product has quickly become a staple in my travel bag and I can't recommend it enough!!


The best makeup removal love it 🥰

Heidi Vike

Our last name is Vike. Imagine the fun to unwrap a cosmetics bag with your last name on it.
A Christmas win.

Tilena Taylor
Makeup melt Trio Set

This was my first time using a makeup remover spray and I have to say it was a pleasent experience. It does take a little getting used to and I tested it out a few different ways to see what worked better for me. I found that when you just spray it on your face dry and try to wash it off it does not get everything off completely. It leaves a little foundation and mascara behind. But if you spray it on and use a makeup eraser along with it, then it literally just melts right off your face. This does have a scent to it. It smells like it has grapefruit and eucalyptus in it. It is like a citrus herbal smell. Nothing too strong, just noticable. Overall, I was very pleased with this makeup melt spray and I will continue to use it.